Microsoft Revamps Xbox Live Rewards Program, Punchcards, Gold Memberships, Surveys

Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on its transition away from Microsoft Points for the Xbox ecosystem. One of those touches is bringing back the Xbox Live Rewards program, which was temporarily put on hold while Microsoft stopped the Points program. As of yesterday, the system is up and running – with Rewards Credits, rather than Points.

Microsoft Rewards Credits, which replace the Microsoft Points system for Xbox Live
Sadly, the punch cards don't let you mix and match: you'll need to buy five map packs to complete a card, for example, rather than watch some TV, buy a few map packs, and buy an app.

As before, there are plenty of ways to earn credits, which can be converted into your local currency so you can buy things from Xbox Stores. Buy a new game and play it for 10 hours (within 30 days of the game’s release): that’s 1,000 credits in your digital pocket. Trudge your way through a survey: another 250 credits. Buy a 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership: riches, my friend, credit riches.

One of the more interesting ways to stuff your credit coffers is to complete a Punchcard. From now until October 31st, you can earn card punches by buying map packs, renting or buying videos from the Xbox Video Store, or buy and use certain apps on the Xbox 360. To sign up, head on over to the MyMissions page.