Microsoft Reports Earnings: $18.06 Billion In Revenue

You may think that Microsoft would be losing steam as people hold off on the release of Windows 8 -- not so much. The company is forging ahead, full-steam, too, with a "record Q4." Along with a few other companies in the space this week, Microsoft also released its latest earnings report. The big number is $18.06 billion, which is how much cash the company pulled in during the past three months. Operating income and loss per share for the quarter were $192 million and $0.06 per share. The financial results reflect the previously announced non-cash, non-tax-deductible income statement charge of $6.19 billion for the impairment of goodwill and the deferral of $540 million of revenue related to the Windows Upgrade Offer. Adjusting for these items, non-GAAP fourth quarter revenue, operating income, and earnings per share were $18.60 billion, $6.93 billion, and $0.73 per share, which represented increases of 7%, 12%, and 6%, respectively, over the prior year period.

Still, even with that revenue, they reported a net loss of $492 million compared to a net profit of $5.87 billion this time a year ago. Still, the company is looking forward to the holiday season, with its Surface tablets and Windows 8 (not to mention Windows Phone 8) sure to push earnings sky-high. Also, that aQuantive deal that fell apart a few weeks ago took a $6.2 billion hit on these earnings; things would have looked a lot different had that shaken out differently.

Don't go feeling too bad for the company -- we're guessing that future quarters will more than make up for the slight stumble.