Microsoft Reportedly Asking HTC To Add Windows Phone To Android-Based Handsets

HTC's quarterly earnings just rolled in, and they are pretty far from the modern definition of "rosey." But, that's not exactly a surprise given the firm's stuggles in recent quarters. There are multiple schools of thought when it comes to the idea of getting HTC back on track; the company makes outstanding hardware that's generally well-reviewed, but they just can't seem to shake the 800-pound gorilla known as Samsung when it comes to mindshare (and in turn, market share).

Now, according to a Bloomberg report, Microsoft is knocking on HTC's door with a nugget of hope: it wants to add Windows Phone to HTC's Android-based phones "at little or not cost." HTC was a prior Windows Phone partner, and officially, it probably still is. But the reality is that the masses don't want Windows Phone, and HTC has all but stopped supporting the OS. Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s operating systems unit, has reportedly asked HTC to reconsider, but instead of hawking standalone WP8 products, he's asking if they'll offer phones with two operating systems onboard.

It's a radical suggestion, and if HTC bites, it's one that could have an impact across the industry. Twin-OS products generally have not sold well to the masses, as there's a higher level of confusion that many prefer to avoid. Power users may be interested, but how many power users are there? Enough to support an HTC turnaround? Of course, these discussions are still only discussions at this point, and it's very possible that HTC will just walk away and decline the request. Still, when you're this far down, it may be worth the gamble just to see.