Microsoft Reneges On Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Commitment, Leaves Some Lumias Out In The Cold

It's safe to say that at one point or another, the vast majority of us have believed what we were told by a particular company and purchased a product because of it. But have you ever purchased something only to find out later that one of the company's initial promises turned out to be untrue? reddit user Plazma10 has, and he's far from happy about it.

Blu Win JR LTE
Blu's Win JR LTE Smartphone

Plazma10 is a citizen of the Great White North, and as all Canadians know, there's an unfortunate trade-off to our locale -- while there's great maple syrup around every corner, the selection of mobile phones and carriers can be sub-par. That unfortunate fact forces many people to purchase phones that sometimes seem less-than-ideal. For this particular owner, though, the Blu Win JR LTE seemed unbeatable. It was being sold at a great price (~$120 CAD), and promised a Windows 10 upgrade when Microsoft released the OS.

Therein lies the problem. Plamza10 purchased the phone (or phones, rather, for his family) a year ago, which was before Windows 10 launched. At that time, Microsoft was eager to promote Windows 10 support on as many phones as possible, and this one from Blu happened to be one of them. It's important to note that the Windows 10 support wasn't just something this user's carrier promoted, it was something Microsoft itself promoted on its website. Unfortunately, the phone's product page got updated after Plazma10 posted the reddit thread, highlighted here:

Microsoft Product Page Change

Was the change a coincidence? It's hard to say, but considering the fact that the page had been online for an entire year touting Windows 10 support and only got changed after Plazma10 posted a complaint online, it's hard to blame those who might think something shady has happened. This particular user isn't sugarcoating his thoughts either, "They silently changed their page this morning! Someone from Microsoft must read this forum - because after 1 year the page has JUST changed! I received no official word from anyone at Microsoft - instead they chose to silently update the page and tell no one. This is SO shady!! I think after this reddit post they decided to do it - wow that's a low blow Microsoft!"

Lumia Icon
The Lumia Icon isn't upgradeable to Windows 10

As it happens, Plazma10 isn't the only one out of a Windows 10 upgrade. When Microsoft rolled-out Windows 10 to certain Lumia devices last week, it skipped over some that were also originally supposed to be upgradeable. Those include the Lumia 1020 and Lumia Icon. If you're an owner of what you feel might be an "old" Lumia, you can pretty much guarantee it's not going to be supported, but when phones were highlighted from the get go as supporting Windows 10 and they don't... that's a bit of a problem.

It's the kind of problem Plazma10 is taking on. Taking the advice of others, he submitted a report to the Better Business Bureau to complain. The Eaten Centre location where the phone was purchased refused to issue a refund even though it could be proven through Microsoft's website that the phone should indeed support Windows 10. It was after that point that the product page was updated, so at this point all we can do is wait and see if anything else comes out of this story. If enough owners of this phone raise a stink, we could very well see this change corrected. Otherwise, it could be deemed false advertising, which could become an even bigger hassle for Microsoft.