Microsoft Renames Its Phone OS

We won’t be hearing the term Windows Mobile much longer. At an event to show off upcoming Christmas goodies, Microsoft let it slip that the devices will soon be known as Windows Phone. Reports indicate that the Windows Phone branding will be applied to Windows Mobile 6.1, the upcoming 6.5 version, and to Windows Mobile 7, which is expected sometime in 2010. Right now, it’s still unclear when the naming system will be implemented.

Windows Mobile 6.5

The name change "reflects the upcoming desktop operating system release where people away from their PC can have the same experience everywhere," says Microsoft. Over the years, the OS has also been known as Windows CE and Pocket PC.

The Windows Mobile brand is popular, but many have become discouraged by the slow release of new features and a new OS. Windows Mobile 6.5 is ready and has been sent to manufacturers. It should be available to consumers this fall. Still, some believe Windows Mobile 6.5 will deliver too little, too late. Windows Mobile 7 should deliver a much improved feature set over 6.5, including a new suite of Windows Mobile applications (Internet Explorer, email, SMS, photo and music management) as well as zooming and scaling capabilities via multitouch.