Microsoft Releasing 256GB Surface Pro in Japan

Microsoft is expanding its Surface Pro offerings by releasing a 256GB Surface Pro in Japan on June 7th. That’s a fairly impressive amount of storage capacity, and coupled with the fact that the Surface Pro runs Windows 8 Pro (and with the Type Cover as an accessory), the device sounds a lot more like a super-thin notebook than a tablet.

Surface Pro

The rest of the specs sound attractive, too; there’s an Intel Core i5 chip inside with Intel HD 4000 graphics, 4GB of RAM, and a pen input device included. Office Home & Business 2013 is included (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook), as well.

The 256GB Surface Pro is certainly priced like a notebook; it’ll reportedly run buyers 119,800 yen, or about $1,183 USD. And that’s not adding the cost of any accessories other than the pen.

Surface Pro covers
Limited edition covers

Japanese customers will also be able to opt for a 128GB Surface Pro (99,800 yen/$985 USD) or 32GB or 64GB Surface RT models. One other region-specific bonus is the option for a few different limited edition Surface covers.