Microsoft Pushes Firmware Update To Fix Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 Screen Flickering

You can imagine the frustration of Surface Book owners who paid a premium for Microsoft's snazzy new laptop only to encounter an annoying screen flickering issue. Well, for those affected by the strange anomaly, Microsoft has made good on its promise to deliver a fix, which is now available through Windows Update.

Once applied, you'll find the update listed as "System Firmware Update - 11/2/12015" in your update history. It includes several software upgrades, including an HD Graphics 520 driver update (v20.19.15.4308) that addresses multiple display issues, including the one that's been causing some Surface Book systems to flicker.

Surface Book

There's also a firmware update for the Surface Pro 4, and it too addresses the screen flickering issue and includes a handful of other software upgrades.

These firmware updates are the result of several user complaints on places like Microsoft's support forum and Reddit. Some users even uploaded videos of their Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 systems flickering to the point where they're unusable. Several of those affected reported success with a temporary workaround, which was to disable Hyper-V.

Microsoft never stated the root cause of the screen flickering, though it did say that only a "small number of customers" experienced problems.