Microsoft Provides 100GB Of OneDrive Storage Free For 2 Years

The last time we visited Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service, Microsoft gave all Office 365 subscribers unlimited storage. That’s definitely a nice perk for Microsoft’s Office suite that by itself costs $10 per month (or $100 per year).

While that feature addition was aimed specifically at Office 365 users, Microsoft is running a new promotion aimed at that those who haven’t signed up for Office 365 or simply don’t need (or want) the productivity suite. This time around, Microsoft is giving away 100GB of free OneDrive storage space free for two years.


While the service itself is free, there are a couple of strings attached, albeit two teeny tiny ones. You’ll need to first signup for Bing Rewards (also free) and then agree to receive promotional emails from Microsoft. That’s it; that’s all it takes to get your 100GB plot on Microsoft’s cloud storage farm.

onedrive 2

Even if you prefer to use a cloud storage option from another provider, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup service on hand. 100GB is nothing to scoff at, and having access to the storage for two years is a hard offer to pass up.