Microsoft Plans To Release Office Apps For Windows 10 Technical Preview Today

Anyone who has run a pre-release version of an operating system accepts that the price of early access is the possibility of glitches. Today, Windows 10 Technical Preview users who were looking forward to the release of Universal Office apps for Windows 10 are putting up with just such a glitch: Microsoft says some users are having trouble downloading the apps. It’s working on a fix this morning and plans to keep Technical Preview users updated here.

Microsoft Universal Office Apps for Windows 10

With its Universal Office apps for Windows 10, Microsoft is seeking to give users the same features and interfaces on computers and mobile devices. To that end, Microsoft recently updated its apps for Android and iOS. The apps have received generally positive feedback from users on iTunes and other app stores.

Microsoft Universal Office Apps for Windows 10

The apps that were to be released today for Windows 10 Technical Preview include Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word and are geared towards laptops and desktops. Microsoft plans to release touch-centric version of the apps for phones and tablets running Windows 10 in “the coming weeks.” For now, though, Microsoft’s challenge is getting its desktop Office apps into the hands of its Technical Preview users.

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