Microsoft Plans To Offer Madden NFL 15 And Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundles

If you're the type to gamble on a rumor, then you might want to wait before pulling the trigger on an Xbox One console. Your patience could be rewarded with a free game, that is if talk of two upcoming bundles turns out to be true. One of the bundles that's said to be in the works will include EA's Madden NFL 15 title with the Xbox One, along with a code for three Team packs (DLC).

According to Fudzilla, this is for the discounted $399 Xbox One that doesn't come with an Kinect motion control sensor. It does, however, come with an Xbox One controller in black, and of course the console itself. Assuming the info is accurate, the bundle will begin shipping on August 26th, the same day Madden NFL 15 comes out.

Madden NFL 15

Don't care about football? On October 28th, Microsoft will offer up a second bundle containing Sunset Overdrive. This will also be for the Kinect-less version priced at $399, though it will be a special white version of the console with a white Xbox One controller to boot. There has also been chatter of some sort of bonus code, though no details are available at this time.

As the holiday shopping season rolls around, there will be another Xbox 360 bundle, and odds are high Microsoft will offer yet another Xbox One bundle of some sort as well. There's even been talk of a 1TB hard drive upgrade, though again, this is all rumor mill talk at this point.