Microsoft Overhauls Bing Video Search Experience In Latest Assault On Google’s YouTube

Microsoft keeps making changes to Bing that challenge the notion of Google being the go-to destination for web searches. The latest effort by Microsoft is a better video search experience, one that several media sites are already claiming is superior to Google's own YouTube service. That's high praise, considering that YouTube pretty much dominates the online video scene.

The design changes to Bing's video search are intended to give web surfers the information they need quicker and more efficiently. When you look up a video, you'll see a bigger size video thumbnail than before, making it easier to pick out the exact video you were looking for among a collection of tiles.

Bing Video Search

Bing also now includes more information on its video search page, things like channel, upload date, and view account. You can also preview the video in the search results or click through to the source of the video and watch it there.

Finally, Microsoft made its so that all of the related searches are now inline with your original search. As you scroll the page, you'll have a better idea of what to search for next as you fine tune your search. And at the bottom of the pate, Bing includes suggestions, along with an option to see more video search results.

What all this adds up to is a better video search than before, one that's arguably better than YouTube's. The changes also make Bing's video search more friendly for touchscreen users and scale better on smaller displays, Microsoft says.