Microsoft OneDrive Rebranding Includes Android Camera Backup, New Cloud Storage Plans

Make no mistake--Microsoft’s new OneDrive cloud storage solution is little more than a simple re-branding of SkyDrive, a change the company was forced to make after it opted out of a trademark spat with BSkyB over the service’s original name. “Little more”, that is, because Microsoft is taking the opportunity to add a few features to OneDrive for today’s official rollout.

First, although OneDrive users still get 7GB of free cloud storage, they can earn up to an additional 5GB of additional storage in increments of 500MB for those who successfully invite friends to the service (a la Dropbox).

Microsoft OneDrive

Users can also get another 3GB of storage by opting in to the camera backup feature, which automatically uploads and stores photos and video shot with your Android device. Altogether that’s a possible 15GB of free cloud storage. If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, you can get up to another 100GB, too.

Finally, there are new storage plans if you want to significantly add to your capacity: 50GB for $25 a year, 100GB for $50 a year, or 200GB for $100 a year.