Microsoft Offers Windows 10 Subscriptions To Businesses For $7 Per Month, Per User

Following a few months of teasing, Microsoft has finally rolled out Windows 10 Enterprise E3, which can be purchased through its official Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. While enterprise-level software solutions are typically feared due to their expense, Microsoft is making the E3 cost-of-entry modest enough to make even small businesses consider making the switch.

Microsoft is pricing Windows 10 Enterprise E3 at $7/mo, or $84/yr. While few enjoy the idea of a subscription-based OS, this is one of those products that could pay for itself over time. We're talking enterprise-level control and policies, and not to mention enterprise-level security.

Windows 10 Desktop Wallpaper

In its official blog post, Microsoft notes that Enterprise E3 is a good choice for businesses requiring top-rate security, especially if they handle sensitive customer information (like credit card details, address information, et cetera). It'd also be suitable for those businesses in regulated industries. Specific perks listed include Device Guard, Credential Guard, and Managed User Experience.

Enterprise E3 isn't a be-all-end-all product, though; Microsoft also notes its E5 variant, which adds Advanced Threat Protection with Windows Defender, and also increases the level of control with the administrative management.

If you're in the market for Enterprise E3 but are unsure where to go, Microsoft has the hook-up. The company explicitly mentions ALSO, TechData, and Synnex as being its preferred partners, all of which are linked to in the blog post.