Microsoft Offers Up To $650 To Trade In Old Surface Hardware For New Surface Pro 3

Following the Super Bowl earlier this month, Microsoft slashed $100 off a number of its Surface Pro 3 tablets -- no doubt taking advantage of the fact that anyone who watched the big game would have seen blue Surface Pros all over the place. Well, it seems that might not have pushed enough units, as the company is now offering people another chance at a great deal -- at least, as long as you own a previous Surface tablet.

Depending on which model you'd like to trade in, Microsoft will give you up to $650 in credit towards a brand spanking new Pro 3 model. Have a 64GB Surface Pro 2? Microsoft estimates that it'll be worth about $189. 32GB Surface RT? You can expect about $84.

Surface Turnin

To get an estimate of what your tablet is worth, you'll have to answer a couple of questions, including whether or not you'll be trading in the power adapter and add-on keyboard as well. Interestingly, in no sample configurations I tested did the inclusion of a keyboard affect the price. Further, it's a little odd to even have the option to not include a power adapter as that's a required part of the deal.

Nonetheless, if you're running an old Surface and want to upgrade to the latest and greatest, here's one option. Just be sure to double-check that Microsoft is indeed giving you the best value -- you may very well be able to offload the tablet yourself to someone else for a better price.