Microsoft Has Gamers' Backs Now Offering Self-Service Refunds On Xbox One And Windows 10 Games

A couple of years ago, Valve relaxed its rules and regulations for customers being able to get a refund on a game title as a clear result of way too many unhappy customers asking for refunds. At that time, the company began letting people play up to 2 hours of a game, and if it didn't live up to expectations (or it simply didn't work on your system), you'd be able to get in touch with customer service and get a refund.

Xbox One Refunds

Valve was praised for its move, and it was well-deserved. Now, though, Microsoft has decided one-up that offering for both the Xbox One and Windows Store, allowing customers to get a refund on their own, without the hassle of contacting customer service.

As far as customer service goes, this is pretty ground-breaking. It could also prove beneficial to Microsoft and its many partners, because if someone knows that they can refund a game with such ease, it might encourage them to take a chance on trying out more games. No one likes having to contact customer service, so it could act as a roadblock for those who might otherwise be a little adventurous with the games they take a chance on.

Xbox One S

There is of course one caveat: this service is only available to select Microsoft Insiders for the time-being, but it's very likely that it will roll out to everyone else sooner than later. With this news, PlayStation fans have been roaring at Sony to take a cue from Microsoft's move. For that matter, it'd be great to see this self-refund mechanic rolled out on all platforms!