Microsoft Now Taking Pre-Orders for $500 Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

You knew it was only a matter of time before Microsoft started offering Xbox One game bundles, and that time has come. Starting now, you can pre-order an Xbox One console with a Titanfall digital download included in the package for $500. Technically speaking, that's not a price cut, but it is one heck of a value-add and might be just what Microsoft needs to bring more gamers to the fold.

Microsoft and Sony have had a few months to duke it out in the next-generation console wars, and so far, the PlayStation 4 is winning, at least in terms of units sold. Sony announced last week that it's sold 5.3 million PS4 consoles to date, besting its fiscal year-end goal of 5 million PS4 sales before it even had a chance to launch in Japan.

Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

The last known sales figure for the Xbox One is 3.9 million units, which includes console sales up through January 23, 2014. According to a recent NPD Group report, the PS4 outsold the Xbox One by a 2-to-1 margin in January. Faced with the reality that gamers are flocking in greater number to Sony's less expensive PS4, Microsoft had to make a move, and this it.

The Xbox One normally sells for $500 whereas the PS4 goes for $400. It should be noted that the Xbox One comes with Microsoft's second generation Kinect motion control sensor, so it's not an arbitrary price hike. With Titanfall thrown into the mix at no extra charge, gamers may find it easier to spend an extra $100 on the Xbox One versus picking up a PS4.


That said, Microsoft is reportedly reducing the price of the Xbox One in the U.K. The console normally sells for £429, but the Titanfall bundle will go for £399. That's still more than a PS4 in the U.K., which sell for £349, but again, gamers are getting a Kinect and a game download.

If you're interested in the Titanfall bundle, you can place your pre-order in the Microsoft Store online.