Microsoft Not Giving Up On Surface, Plans Launch Event For September 23 in NYC

Despite taking a monumental $900 million inventory charge for unsold Surface RT units, Microsoft is committed to seeing the Surface plan through... at least for one more generation. It's not news that the original Surface has had quite a time gaining traction with the iPad still soaking up market share, but unlike the Kin, Microsoft's not throwing in the towel just yet. The tablet market as a whole still has plenty of time to mature, and Microsoft has a huge brand to leverage.

While little is known about what Surface 2.0 will bring, Microsoft has all intentions of making a major deal out of it. The company has planned a showcase event for September 23rd in New York City, just weeks after Apple's own event in Cupertino, California. It could be a very interesting time for Microsoft. It's unlikely that Apple will update its iPad line prior to the holidays, while Microsoft will almost certainly launch the new Surface prior to the holidays.

It could be Microsoft's golden chance to jump on Apple's market while the iPads are a bit older; guess we'll see what happens in just a few weeks!