Microsoft Music Deals Holiday Promotion Offers 100 Albums For Free

As part of a massive holiday giveaway promotion, Microsoft is offering over 100 MP3 albums through its Music Deals app for free to everyone. That is, everyone who uses Windows 8 or owns a Windows Phone.

The promotion is available for a limited time but it is worth taking advantage of. Country, Rock and Roll, Rap, and Pop music are just some of the genres available in the collection Microsoft is offering. Among the free albums are ones from artists such as Eminem, The Rolling Stones, Linkin Park, Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Ray, U2, Stone Temple Pilots, Faith Hill, The Who, Bon Jovi, The Doobie Brothers, Katy Perry, and many more.

Music Deals Promotion

In order to bolster your music collection, not only will you need to be running Windows 8 or own a Windows Phone, but you will need to download the Music Deals app. Once downloaded, just head over to the Holiday Freebies section and pick whatever albums you wish to download. However, on the PC at least, the process of downloading the albums is, we feel, unnecessarily laborious.

When you click on the “Free” button of the album you want, the app will ask if you meant to switch apps because it needs to open the Music app in order to download the file (both apps will be side-by-side). Once the Music app is up, you might be asked to sign in again and then have to click on the “Get it Free” text that is highlighted in green. Depending on how your account is setup, you might have to input your password to verify your account for every album you want to download and then confirm the download.

It is a laborious process that Microsoft needs to streamline, but for the amount of free albums available, it is certainly worth the effort.

What do you think about Microsoft's holiday promotion?