Windows 11 Expected To Soon Offer Glorious Native RGB Bling PC Lighting Control

microsoft maybe adding rgb control to windows 11
When it comes to building a PC and blinging it out, one of the bigger pain points can be the sheer quantities of software of varying quality needed to control all the RGB glory. However, Microsoft might be coming to the rescue by bringing support for RGB lighting control to Windows 11 natively. PCMR members rejoice!

Earlier this week, Twitter user Albacore noticed that settings for device lighting have appeared in Windows build 25295. These new options appear to fall under a new Lighting menu within the Personalization section of Windows settings, which breaks out RGB control per device. Then, for each item, users can control brightness, lighting effects, effect speed, effect color, and there's a toggle option to match Windows accent colors.

windows 11 RGB control panel

These options could potentially eliminate the need for Corsair iCUE, ASUS Armory Crate, Razer Synapse, and other lighting control suites needed for all the different brands of peripherals. However, this might hurt companies like SignalRGB, which has already built its company around consolidating these options into one glass pane of RGB control.

windows 11 RGB control panel main

RGB lighting features coming down the pipeline is not necessarily a surprise, as Microsoft has done some prodding when it comes to lighting control. For example, in 2018, Microsoft filed a request “to establish a new Usage Page for Lighting/Illumination devices.” Since that request was filed, users had casually been hoping that Microsoft would take advantage of this request, and its approval, to build in lighting control features to Windows, which now might be happening.

If vetted, we hope this feature will come down to mainstream Windows 11 soon, because juggling software to sync lighting has become a pain. As pure speculation and perhaps suggestion, it might be interesting for Microsoft to work with individual peripheral companies to build a plugin system for the Windows Settings so that you can have Corsair, Razer, or other company software options within one menu. Either way, this addition alone will be quite nice, and we cannot wait to see it roll out proper.

(Hero Image Courtesy of u/bmFtZQ)