Microsoft Starts Selling Titanfall-Branded Two-Year Xbox Live Subscriptions for $100

Time flies, doesn't it? That seems especially true when it comes to Xbox Live Gold subscriptions -- before you know it, Microsoft is nagging you that it's nigh time renew that 12-month subscription you purchased last year, leaving you to wonder where the time went. Inevitably, you end up picking up another 12-month card, so if Microsoft offered a 24-month subscription at a discount, would you bite?

Microsoft is determined to find out. Gamers in the U.K. can already head over to GAME and purchase a downloadable 24-month Xbox Live Gold membership for £59.99 (around $100 in U.S. currency). A 12-month subscription typically sells for £39.99 (~$67), so there's a bit of a discount in buying two full years upfront.

Xbox Live Gold Titanfall

Will the U.S. market see the same subscription option? We heard rumors Microsoft would it would, and sure enough, Amazon is now offering a 24-month code for $100. In comparison, a 12-month subscription sells for just shy of $60, so that translates into a $20 savings if you go the 24-month route. These are retail costs, mind you.

Xbox Live Gold 24 Months

If you're a fan of deal sites, it's not unusual to find a 12-month Xbox Live Gold card selling for between $35 and $40, such as the one Walmart is currently offering (it also comes bundled with a co-branded NFL stadium bag and coupon for $10 off Picking up a pair of those is still the better deal, though it's probably only a matter of time before discounted 24-month cards hit the deal scene as well.