Microsoft Reveals Cheaper, Smaller Miracast-Powered Wireless Display Adapter

microsoft wireless display adapter 1
We were intrigued when Microsoft released its first generation Wireless Display Adapter back in September 2014. The device lets you stream content with ease from your Android device or Windows PC to any display or TV with a built-in HDMI port through the use of Miracast technology. 

Microsoft is now releasing a second generation of the Intel Wi-Di-certified adapter Wireless Display Adapter, which features a smaller form-factor. All of the features that you loved in the first generation device have transferred over to the second generation, and Microsoft says that it has also managed to reduce latency to help improve streaming performance.

“We heard great feedback about the device, most notably from students and mobile professionals, due to the size, ease of use for setup, and the fact there was no internet required for it to work,” said Microsoft’s Chris Smellie. “Road warriors have been using the device to make mobile work stations at hotel rooms without being hunched over a desk, and students found it useful for streaming movies to a TV directly from the couch.”

microsoft wireless display adapter

As before, the Wireless Display Adapter consist of a cable that includes an HDMI connector on one end to plug into your display or TV and a USB plug for power.  The device has a wireless range of 23-feet, which should be more than enough to stream any content from your fancy new Surface Book to your 60-inch 4K TV.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is available for preorder today from Microsoft for $49.95, which is $10 less than its predecessor.