Microsoft Launches New Surface Ad, This Time with More Substance, Less Dancing

We're not ones to begrudge a company that wants to get jiggy with its latest product, and if you're into the whole flash mob scene, Microsoft's Surface tablet may be just the thing for you, or at least that's the impression Surface's first ad spot gave. There is, of course, much more to Surface than that, like the fact that it has a USB port and a microSD card slot, either of which can be viewed as a trump card when going head-to-head with the iPad. These are things the masses should know about, and in a follow-up ad, Microsoft does a much better job introducing the world the Surface. Have a look for yourself:

If you weren't excited about the Touch Cover or Type Cover before, it's hard not to be after watching the above ad. And that's the whole point of a commercial, to educate and excite its viewers.


Surface with Windows RT, if you're not aware, is now available for pre-order on Microsoft's website. The starting price is $499 for a 32GB model that doesn't include a Touch Cover, or $599 with a Touch Cover. There's also a 64GB model, with Touch Cover, that Microsoft has priced at $699. Still feel like dancing?