Microsoft Launches Instagram App Optimized For Windows 10 PCs And Tablets

Facebook’s Instagram app has been available for Windows 10 Mobile smartphones since April, but the app was still a no-show on the vastly more popular Windows 10 platform for PCs and tablets. Facebook is correcting that perceived slight today with the arrival of an Instagram app that has been specially optimized for Windows 10.

The Instagram app, which is available as a free download from the Windows Store, takes advantage of all that Windows 10 has to offer including showing photos and notifications on your home screen using Live Tiles. You’ll also find requisite features like the ability to both post and edit photos, view Stories, take advantage of native notifications, and participate in Instagram Direct messaging.

instagram 1

Interestingly, the new Instagram app for Windows 10 will only allow you to edit, upload or capture images if you have a tablet or PC with a touch screen. If your PC doesn’t have a touch screen, you’re out of luck and can only browse Instagram instead of having a more hands-on experience.

And given that the Instagram app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile is built using the Windows Universal Platform, it shouldn’t be too long before we see an Xbox One version arrive (and perhaps a HoloLens version if we’re lucky).

instagram 2

It should be noted that while Facebook has embraced the Windows 10 platform, there still isn’t a tablet-optimized version of Instagram available for the iPad (which is surprising to say the least). iPad users are relegated to using the Instagram iPhone app for the time being until Instagram developers get on the ball with a complimentary app.