Microsoft Launches Avatar Kinect On Xbox LIVE

Readers probably don't need any extra encouragement to stay plopped on the couch this summer, but Microsoft is providing some anyway.

The company has just launched Avatar Kinect and Kinect Sparkler this week, tucked into the Kinect Fun Labs on Xbox LIVE. Avatar Kinect captures facial expressions and voice so when users smile, nod or speak, your avatar does the same. Players may invite up to seven friends to join in on 24 imaginative virtual stages; discuss the latest celebrity gossip or news on the Talk Show Stage, try out a hysterical comedy routine on the Performance Stage, or wager who will win the big game in the Sports Party Stage.

The Kinect sensor can record a session with a producer’s editorial eye, following performances, zooming and panning, just like a real TV production! Share a video recording with friends by uploading it to and downloading it to the computer, and from there, post it to favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Avatar Kinect is available for free to all Xbox LIVE Gold members, but to celebrate its release, Avatar Kinect has been unlocked for all Xbox LIVE members (Free or Gold) to enjoy from July 25 – September 8. Plenty of reason to stay home and play lazy.