Microsoft Joins Open Source AllSeen Alliance To Further Internet Of Everything Efforts

As the Internet of Things trend continues to evolve, there are several questions that the industry must answer, not the least of which is “How will everything talk to everything else?” The AllSeen Alliance is looking to answer that question by developing an open source consortium of partners companies, and it just landed a big fish as Microsoft has now joined the ranks as a Premier Member.

Microsoft HQ
Microsoft HQ

The AllSeen Alliance is a nonprofit entity that wants to see open source IoT solutions across “all major platforms and operating systems”, so says its website. The members of the group are developing a universal software framework based on AllJoy open source code which would allow various devices to “discover” one another and communicate irrespective of platform or even different communications protocols.

Microsoft joins 50 other partner companies in this IoT endeavor--or in AllSeen Alliance’s more grandiose terms, the “Internet of Everything”--which includes LG, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Cisco, D-Link, HTC, and Razer.

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