Microsoft Ready To Rock Xbox One Windows 10 Cross-Network Play With PlayStation 4

It's been quite an eventful year so far for Microsoft and its Xbox One, and the company is only just getting started. Last month, we learned the surprising news that Microsoft would be enabling cross-network capabilities on its Xbox One. That means that Xbox One gamers - with a supported game - would be able to play against those on the PC or, eventually, Sony's PlayStation 4.

The first cross-network game on the Xbox One is a crowd favorite: Rocket League. Psyonix's vehicular soccer game became one of the rare games that could be played between PC and PS4 gamers, so the company could have very well played a big role in encouraging Microsoft to open up a bit more. Any developer that encourages cross-platform play gets a big thumbs-up from us!

Rocket League

Fortunately, Rocket League isn't going to be a one-off cross-network title. That's something that Microsoft's Agostino Simonetta wants to assure us of. In talking to Eurogamer, Simonette said that game developers are able to right now update their titles to support cross-network play; the infrastructure is there, waiting to be taken advantage of.

What would be nice going forward is if some developers continued to update already released titles with this cross-network capability, much like how Psyonix updated Rocket League. Trackmania Turbo is a great example of a game that should be cross-network, but isn't. With Microsoft seemingly waiting with open arms for developers to opt for cross-network play, all we can do is hope that developers realize how much we gamers actually want it.