Microsoft is Looking For Xbox Moderators: Xbox Enforcement United Activate!

It’s not news that gamers can get a little intense, and often that intensity spills over into forums and game communities. Xbox Live is no exception, of course, and to help moderate the community, Microsoft is engaging other users in a new beta program called Xbox Enforcement United.

The program is aimed at keeping Xbox Live “fun and fair” and will rely on Enforcement United members to provide opinions on whether content such as Gamertags violate the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. “These decisions from participants feed into an algorithm our team developed. That algorithm takes several factors into account like how many participants believe there had been a violation and how reliably those individual members’ historical decisions aligned with the general consensus,” reads an Xbox blog post. “The system can then determine whether or not to apply an enforcement action like requiring a Gamertag change, or if the complaint should be escalated for one of our enforcers to review more closely.”

Xbox Live United

Microsoft says that it has set up controls so that no one person can have too much influence and built in calibration to ensure that the system understands the source and reliability of data.

There’s also a new Xbox Community Level site where community members who participate in Enforcement United and Xbox Live Ambassadors can earn rewards for their contributions.