Microsoft Working On Their Own Windows Phone, Already In The Lab

When Microsoft unveiled its own tablet, the Windows maker raised a bit of ire with its tablet hardware partners that we were also building tablets to run Windows 8 and Windows RT, and there were likely concerns among those same companies that Windows might develop its own phone, too.

That prospect was no doubt especially disconcerting for Nokia, which has leverage much of its future on selling handsets running Windows Phone 8. According to Windows Phone Central, those fears have been realized: Windows is indeed building its own phone, and the site’s confidential sources indicate that the device (or devices) already exist and is being tested in Microsoft’s labs.

Of course, from Microsoft’s perspective, developing its own hardware to support its Windows Phone platform makes plenty of sense. Both Apple and Google have their own hardware, platforms, and app stores, and that model has proven to be successful. Microsoft is simply copying a successful business model here.

It remains to be seen, of course, whether the Microsoft handset(s) will be any good, but if the innovative Surface tablet is any indication of what the company can build, a Microsoft phone will if nothing else be an interesting take on the Windows Phone 8 platform.