Microsoft Once Again Investigating Windows 10 Update BSODs And Other Issues

Windows 10 Investigate
I can only imagine what it must be like for Microsoft to maintain an operating system with feature upgrades and frequent security updates, for use on a dizzying array of hardware combinations. It is a mammoth task, and does not always go smoothly. The latest example of this is a recent security update that is causing more headaches for some Windows 10 users.

This time around, the problematic patch is KB4556799. It was included with this month's Patch Tuesday update, which rolled out on May 12 (the second Tuesday of the month). It arrived with good intentions, with the following highlights...
  • Updates to improve security when using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • Updates to improve security when using input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or stylus.
  • Updates for verifying usernames and passwords.
  • Updates to improve security when using Microsoft Xbox.
  • Updates to improve security when Windows performs basic operations.
  • Updates for storing and managing files.
  • Updates to improve security when using Microsoft Office products.
As the saying goes, however, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and some users are reporting having a hell of a time dealing with the latest patch. In a support thread on Microsoft's community forums, one user says the update caused their PC to BSOD "twice in 10 minutes." Others chimed in with similar complaints.

"Same issue for me: endless loop of BSODs, on two separate, but same model HP desktops that are 2 years old," another user wrote.

Yet another user reported experiencing five BSODs in one hour after applying the patch. It's not just BSODs, though. In other places around the web, Windows 10 users report having trouble installing the patch, running into system slow downs and crashes, and audio bugs. So, what exactly is going on and will there be a fix?

In a support document, Microsoft acknowledges having "seen social media and news reports related to various issues with KB4556799," but stops short of confirming a fix is on the way.

"We are actively engaged with customers who are reporting issues. To date, we have not seen widespread issues reflected in telemetry, support data, or customer feedback channels. We continuously investigate all customer feedback and are closely monitoring this situation," Microsoft says.

It's not clear how widespread these problems are or what the common denominator(s) might be for those are running into issues. To help with its investigation, Microsoft is asking users who experience trouble with the KB4556799 to let the company know by pressing Windows Key + F, or by going to the Start menu and selecting Feeback Hub.