Microsoft Ignores Vista Upgrade Loophole

Unlike previous version of Windows, that only required a valid, older CD to be inserted to verify ownership, upgrade versions of Windows Vista require a previous OS installation to function.  A workaround for this issue was posted to web within hours of Vista's release, however, that didn't require an older OS at all.  It was initially thought that MS would do something right away to eliminate the workaround, but now that doesn't seem to be the case...

"Microsoft will not close a loophole that offers consumers a cheaper way to upgrade to Windows Vista. As reported last week, users can install the upgrade version of the new operating system as a fresh installation, even if they do not currently own a licensed copy of Windows XP."

So much for buying full versions of Vista.  If there's no real consequence to using this workaround, the incentive for consumers to spend much more money on a full version of Vista just isn't there.