Microsoft Hub Keyboard Treks To iOS For Diehard Office 365 Users

Microsoft Hub Keyboard Top

If you're an iOS user who's been dying to try out a new on-screen keyboard, Microsoft has a new one that's well worth testing. Called "Hub Keyboard", Microsoft aims to make the simple on-screen keyboard a lot more powerful, and intuitive. If you're an Office 365 user, the app's usefulness can greatly improve your workflow.

Do you hate having to switch apps just to complete routine tasks, such as pulling in a URL or pasting a block of text you recently copied? Hub Keyboard is all about shortening the amount of time it takes to conduct such tasks, even inserting a period. With this solution, simply double-tapping the space bar will insert the period, reducing the chance of you accidentally hitting another key that surrounds the period's normal location. It's the small things that can add up to big time savings.

Microsoft Hub Keyboard Examples

There are five main scenarios where Microsoft says its Hub Keyboard can help save on your patience. With its built-in clipboard, you can easily paste in a recently copied item, and with Office 365 interoperability, you could pull down links to your documents without having to switch over to an actual Office application first. Hub Keyboard also offers rich contacts support, and can search the Web to share information from right inside of the keyboard overlay. Perhaps one of the coolest features? You can write something in one language, and have it automatically be translated into another.

Hub Keyboard has been available for Android for a short time, and has to date totaled 10,000+ downloads and has earned a 3.5 aggregate rating. Some users note that the keyboard has some small niggles, while others confirm that it's improving.

Tempted? Give the URL below a click and give the app a download. As you'd probably expect, Hub Keyboard is completely free.