Microsoft HoloLens 2, Codenamed Sydney, Reportedly Tipped For Q1 2019 Launch

The first-generation Microsoft HoloLens certainly hasn’t been heavily adopted by the general consumer but it has been big with developers. Google reportedly sees the segment as big enough that it is planning its own HoloLens competitor. A new rumor is floating around that Microsoft has a second-generation HoloLens in the works that is codenamed Sydney.

small hololens up close

The rumor claims that the new HoloLens is going to arrive in Q1 2019. This is interesting in part because Microsoft reportedly stopped developing the V2 of the HoloLens and was instead moving directly to a more groundbreaking "V3" device. It was said at the time that the new HoloLens would by an augmented reality device.

Thurrott reports that it has seen documents that claim the new headset will be lighter, more comfortable, and have improved holographic displays. The big win for Microsoft and anyone who has been on the fence about getting the current HoloLens is that the new version is tipped to cost significantly less than the current version.

It remains unclear if the Q1 launch date will be only a developer preview or if it will include general availability. Microsoft is reportedly going big on the mixed reality and virtual reality market, viewing it as a must-win for the company. Microsoft failed in the smartphone market and can’t afford to lose out on a growing market like AR/VR.

Other reports indicate that while the launch will come in Q1 2019, Microsoft will be unveiling details of the new HoloLens in the second half of 2018. Microsoft has been tipped to be testing the new HoloLens device with an ARM-based processor inside to improve battery life and the OS for the new device will be a version of Windows 10.