Microsoft Holds $99 Fitness Band Fire Sale To Clear Room For $249 Successor

Leading up to Microsoft’s October 6th hardware event, there were numerous sales on the first generation Band fitness wearable. The Microsoft Band debuted with a $199 price tag and we saw it fall to $150, and later to $99.99 via Microsoft's retail partners. However, that $99 price tag was a limited time sale by Best Buy, and the electronics retailer has jacked the price of the Band back to $129.99.

For those of you that are still hip to the first generation Band (after all, it’s still a very competent wearable) and still want to take advantage of bargain pricing before supplies eventually dry up, Microsoft has permanently cut the price to $99.99. That pricing includes small, medium, and large sizes of the Band.

Microsoft Band
First generation Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band includes ten built-in sensors including an optional heart rate sensor, skin temperature sensor, UV sensor, GPS, and a galvanic skin response sensor. It is compatible with Windows Phone, iOS, and Android operating systems, and can last up to two days per charge.

Now that the first generation Band is [barely] below the $100 mark, that leaves plenty of room for its successor to strut its stuff. The new Band includes a curved, touchscreen AMOLED display that is covered with Gorilla Glass 3, and adds an eleventh sensor: a barometer. The barometer tracks your elevation for those that are into hiking in mountainous terrain.

microsoft band 2
Second generation Microsoft Band

The second generation Band is priced at $249.99, will hit store shelves on October 30th and is available for preorder right now.