Microsoft Has Sold Over 100,000 Xbox One Units In China So Far

It appears Microsoft’s gamble to have its Xbox One console be the first released in China is paying off. According to Chinese video games news site 17173, the Xbox One, which was released on September 29, has sold over 100,000 units within its first week.

The information came from Shanghai Media Group vice-president Zhang Dazhong, who let the news slip during an interview. He also revealed that the number of units sold also includes the pre-sales when the Xbox One became available for pre-order. As for sales expectations for the console, Shanghai Media Group, the parent company of BesTV, is looking to sell over 1 million consoles in China by September 2015.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft launched the Xbox One in China on September 29, after it had delayed the launch, making the console the first one to be released there since the country’s 14-year ban on consoles was lifted. Xbox One’s performance in China is certainly better than the reception it received when it launched in Japan on September 4 and only sold 23,562 units in its first week.

Could this mean that China will give Microsoft’s Xbox One the boost it needs to help it catch up with Sony’s PlayStation 4?