Microsoft Giving Away OneDrive For Business To Existing Box, Dropbox, or Google Customers


The cloud is a highly competitive place, which makes perfect sense when you consider that so much of our daily lives exists online. And when it comes to work chores, for many users and businesses the cloud is a necessity, not a luxury. With that in mind, Microsoft is aggressively pursuing a larger chunk of the market with an enticing offer for OneDrive—make the switch from Google, Box, or Dropbox and play out the remainder of your contract for free.

This is sort of like wireless carriers offering big credits to customers when they switch from a competitor. In Microsoft's case, however, it wants to make it easier for customers to jump ship from one of its major competitors and join OneDrive for Business.

"We are making it easier for new customers to make the switch by offering free OneDrive for Business for the remaining term of their existing contract with Box, Dropbox, or Google. This offer is valid starting February 6, 2018 through June 30, 2018 for organizations that are not currently OneDrive for Business or Office 365 customers and who make a minimum 500 user commitment," Microsoft said.

"Customers participating in this offer can leverage Microsoft FastTrack—our customer success service—to make a smooth transition to OneDrive and Office 365," Microsoft added.

Microsoft is going after big organizations, which would be joining customers like Accenture, DBS Bank, Textron, and Lowe's, all of which have adopted OneDrive. In total, more than 350,000 organizations use OneDrive, with Microsoft noting it has seen "amazing" growth.

Not only that, Microsoft points to some compelling stats that it hopes will draw customers away from their current cloud storage provider. According to Microsoft, Rackspace is saving over $411,000 a year by switching from its previous cloud storage provider to OneDrive.

Microsoft's commercial cloud revenue generated $5.3 billion during its latest quarter, up 56 percent from the same quarter a year prior. With its aggressive pursuit of new customers, that number could balloon even higher.