Microsoft Fixes Windows 10 Version 1809 Zip Bug, But Is This Still Really An October Update?

Windows 10
Microsoft continues to make headway on its buggy October 2018 Update for Windows 10, which at this point looks like it might not be ready for prime time until November. Who knows when it will start rolling out again. In the meantime, Microsoft fixed a Zip file extraction flaw in the October 2018 Update and is testing an updated release to Windows Insider subscribers.

The Zip file extraction bug was one of several that plagued the initial roll out of the October 2018 Update to the general public, before Microsoft yanked it offline. There was an issue when attempting to extract Zip file contents in certain cases. If one of the files in the destination directory had the same filename as one of the files in the Zip archive, the one in the Zip archive would not be extracted.

What made this issue even more troublesome is that Windows would fail to display a dialog box warning of the duplicate filename, as it normally does. This made it seem that the contents extracted correctly, when in fact some files may not have. Initially some users thought Windows was overwriting the duplicate file in the destination directory without a warning, but thankfully that wasn't the case.

The Zip bug is one of two issues that Microsoft says it's fixed in the latest preview build, version 17763.107. They include...
  • We fixed the issue where dragging (extracting) files from a .zip file in File Explorer to a write-protected location you don’t get a 'Do you want to replace these files' prompt and the copy action fails silently.
  • We fixed an issue causing roaming profiles to not work correctly.
It's not clear if this is the build that will finally start rolling out to Windows 10 users again, or if there is still more work to be done. Today is the last day of October, so unless Microsoft flips the switch in the 11th hour, the October 2018 Update might as well be renamed the November 2018 Update.