Microsoft Extends Xbox One Backwards Compatibility To Multi-Disc Xbox 360 Games

This past fall, Microsoft surprised the world when it unveiled that a huge number of Xbox 360 games would be playable on the Xbox One. This even came as a surprise to Sony, which unveiled an arguably lackluster version of backwards compatibility, where gamers need to repurchase the games.

When Microsoft released the first 100 or so titles for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, it was hard to tell just how far the company would take things. However, all we really had to do was look to the Xbox 360 itself, which supported a huge number of original Xbox titles (important for those wanting to play Jet Set Radio Future and don't have a working original console, as the first Xbox is the only platform it's ever been released on).

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Well, since the launch of Microsoft's Xbox 360 emulator for the Xbox One, it's piled on additional titles, improved the performance of the backwards compatibility, and then added even more games to the collection. What's next? Dual-disc support!

Over at reddit, a user submitted a story that talked about multi-disc support, and none other than Major Nelson stopped by to confirm it. "I can confirm that the BC team has done work to support multi disc scenarios." While there are not a huge number of titles out there that have more than one disc, there were some highly-requested ones, like the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut.

If you love where backwards compatibility is on the Xbox One right now, Major Nelson has some good advice for you: "Be sure to thank the BC engineers."