Microsoft Extends Preview Program To Xbox App For Windows 10

The Xbox App for Window 10 is getting some worthy new tweaks this week, including real-time updates for your Activity feed. While giving Xboxers the low-down on the new updates, Major Nelson also announced the Xbox Beta app, which will be available before the end of the month.


The upcoming Xbox Beta app will work much like the Xbox One Preview Program, says Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb, known to Xbox gamers by his screen name, Major Nelson. “The Xbox Beta app program gives fans an opportunity to provide early input on features and enhancements coming to the Xbox app on Windows 10, helping us shape the product based on fan feedback,” Hryb wrote in a blog post.

The app will be available on the Windows Store.

xboxapp newactivity

As for the updates to the Xbox App for Windows 10, the keyword is “real-time.” Your Friends list and Activity Feed are getting auto-refresh features to give you real-time updates. The update is particularly welcome for the Friends list, as it will help you join games with friends who are already playing.

The other major tweak lets you use the Xbox app to enter text on your Xbox One for search boxes and other situations that require text entry. That’s a feature that was requested frequently on Xbox Feedback, so if there’s something you’d like to see changed about Xbox, visit the Feedback site. You may well be heard.