Microsoft Vastly Enhances User Privacy Controls In Upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update

When Microsoft first unleashed Windows 10 onto the world, everything seemed hunky-dory at first. It is without question Microsoft's most ambitious OS to date, but more importantly, it's stable, fast, and packed with the latest features and technologies. However, as we discovered not long after launch, the OS also comes strapped with a number of privacy concerns. We in fact published a quick guide shortly after launch, on how to keep Microsoft's nose out of your digital goods with Windows 10. 

It has taken quite a while for Microsoft to respond to these concerns in a meaningful way, but the company is finally proving that it's taking things seriously by detailing some enhanced privacy features coming to a future Windows 10 build.

Microsoft Privacy 1

At the forefront, MSFT is launching what it calls a (web-based) privacy dashboard, which lets you configure anything and everything about information that might be sent to Microsoft. You can turn all tracking off, or pick and choose, if certain criteria don't concern you too much (eg: location or health activity).

Privacy advocates might not be too pleased with having to tweak these tools after an install, but Microsoft has that covered as well - at least for those installing fresh. When you install this future build, you'll be given more specific privacy options so that you can feel confident from the get-go about the information you're sending Redmond's way. And we must say that the aesthetics have received a nice new coat of paint, as well...

Microsoft Privacy 2

If you do decide to send any and all information Microsoft's way, the company promises that it won't use any of your information for the sake of targeted advertising. Good guy, Microsoft. Not all of your competitors work this way.