Microsoft Edge Browser Roadmap Reveals Incoming Linux Support

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Microsoft recently published a roadmap for its Edge browser to update fans on what it's working on when it comes to new features and updates for the browser. Microsoft says that it has added some new items to its list, including the ability to navigate PDF files via a table of contents, which is a feature that is now under review. Microsoft says that the feature would allow users to use the table of contents in a PDF file as an interactive feature where clicking on an item takes them straight to that item in the PDF.

Microsoft says that it believes users will be excited that one of the top requested items has been moved to In Discussion, which is bringing the tab preview feature from the current version of Microsoft Edge to the new version. Another major Edge feature that is planned within the next three weeks is to make Edge available on Linux.

There are several features expected to the land this month for Edge. Those features include remedying Favorites sync issues, including sync not working and deleted favorites. Microsoft plans to enable the synchronizing of installed browser extensions between devices. Another planned feature is an option to set a custom photo as the New Tab Page background photo. Microsoft is also working on better handling of links when there is more than one profile.

Microsoft plans this summer to enable the synchronization of browsing history between devices. There are a couple of features people have asked for that Microsoft doesn't plan to support. One request that Microsoft doesn't plan to fulfill is to add support for mouse gestures for common actions like navigation and tab closure. The software giant also has no intention of allowing a sign-in to the browser with a Google account. Users can see the full list of what Microsoft has agreed to implement into Edge and what's under review. Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser became available for users about a month ago.