Microsoft Is Developing A New Tool To Make Windows 10 Clean Installs Foolproof

Are you planning an upgrade to Windows 10? If so, you might be contemplating a clean install instead of an in-place upgrade. The same goes for Windows Insiders testing preview builds on either the slow ring or fast ring. Either way, it's a chance to start fresh with the peace of mind that no corrupted bits or extra junk will carry over, and to make things easier, Microsoft is working on a new tool for clean installs.

"Want a simple and easy way to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows? Looking for an easy way to do this? We're working on a tool to make this possible," Jason, a Microsoft Program Manager on the Windows Insider engineering team, stated in a blog post.

Windows 10 Install

Jason says the mysterious tool is in the final testing and validation stage and that all that's left are apply some finishing touches. After that, the clean installation tool will be made available to Windows Insiders, from which Microsoft hopes to receive feedback. Other than that, Microsoft provided no details about the clean install tool.

To Microsoft's credit, clean installing Windows 10 isn't difficult to begin with. It was made even easier when Microsoft changed things so that users could activate Windows 10 with a Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 key, as opposed to first having to upgrade to Windows 10 and then performing a clean install.

We'll have to wait and see how the new clean install tool works, but if we're speculating, It's possible that it will negate the need to download the Windows 10 media creation tool that's used prep USB flash drives or DVDs for clean installations.