Microsoft Deploys Dedicated Cybercrime Center for ‘Digital Detectives’

Microsoft has long battled botnets and the cybercriminals who create them, but today marks a new level of intensity in the fight: Microsoft today opened the Cybercrime Center, a massive research and command center for Microsoft’s top security experts.

One of the offices at the new Microsoft Cybercrime Center. Image credit: Microsoft

This is where the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) will take on the digital underworld. The lab is packed with the latest forensic hardware and software, as well as tools for organizing and storing evidence from past crimes, such as counterfeit software discs. The DCU will uncover cybercrimes that have already been committed, stop digital criminal activity presently underway, and research ways to prevent future attacks. Microsoft is setting its sights pretty broadly – everything from stolen laptops to child exploitation will fall under the purview of the security team at the Cybercrime Center.