Microsoft Denies Rumors That Surface Pro 3 Is Dead, Says Businesses Can Buy With Confidence

Rumors have surfaced that Microsoft has been planning to cease production for its Surface Pro 3 tablet due to weak sales. The unsubstantiated rumors were initially reported by Digitimes that claimed an unnamed supply chain told it of the cancellation. But no sooner did such rumors begin to circulate then Microsoft has denied them on the Microsoft Surface blog.

 “Businesses can buy with confidence. We are here to stay,” Microsoft stated in the post. “At Microsoft, we believe in the future of mobile computing, and with Surface, we have brought a unique perspective to market that meets the needs of many mobile professionals, businesses, educational institutions and government organizations.”

 Microsoft’s tablet line hasn’t been the success it has hoped for so far. Back in August, a report from ComputerWorld estimated that Microsoft had lost $1.7 billion because of the Surface Pro line. Despite this, the “Surface Pro 3 is off to a strong start with both individuals and businesses,” says Microsoft Surface general manager Brian Hall in the blog post.

In the same blog post, Microsoft made an assortment of announcements as part its new commitment to businesses of all sizes regarding its tablet. Business support is being improved so that IT departments will have access to a new support offering called Microsoft Complete for Business. It includes a three-year extended warranty, accidental damage protection, a faster exchange service, and even Surface setup support. Not only that, but the Surface Pro 3 will be upgradable to Windows 10 when the new OS has been released.

 Microsoft is also looking to the future of the product line. Surface Pro 3 accessories are now being designed to be compatible with the next generation of the Surface Pro line.

“We believe a strength of the Microsoft platform for enterprise is the rich ecosystem of hardware and applications developed by our partners, the community at large, and some of our own teams at Microsoft,” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “In particular with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 we are now offering an enterprise-class device that can deliver great end user productivity. Microsoft is putting its full and sustained support behind the ongoing Surface program as one of a number of great hardware choices for businesses large and small.”

So it appears that, despite the rumors, the Surface Pro 3 is here to stay. If you are curious to see what we thought about the Surface Pro 3, then feel free to check out our in-depth review

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