Microsoft Debuts Expressive Xbox One Avatars For Windows 10 Insiders

Xbox One Avatars
Are you having trouble finding an avatar for the Xbox One that you can relate to, or otherwise would want to use? Microsoft is planning to address this with a much more diverse selection of avatars, and if you are subscribed to the Skip Ahead, Preview Alpha, or Beta ring for the Xbox Insider program, you can try it out in the latest build (1810). The same goes for Windows 10 Insiders.

"We are releasing an update to Insiders in the Alpha Skip Ahead, Alpha, and Beta rings! This build includes updates to Avatar rendering as well as other improvements to the Avatar Editor user experience. Please check out the new navigation animations as well as the newly released collection of moods and props!," Microsoft says.

Microsoft is also reiterating that the Avatar Editor is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application. As such, it is now ready to collect feedback from Windows 10 users. To do that, it has added a new quest in the Windows 10 version of the Xbox Insider Hub that tells users how to download and provide feedback for the Avatar Editor on Windows 10 devices. For everyone else, there is just a placeholder in the Windows Store for its eventual roll out.

Xbox Avatars

The new Xbox Avatars are built from the ground up. Microsoft says they enable an unprecedented amount of inclusive customization options, and will grow with more selections over time. As it stands, there are a wide range of body types and gender-neutral clothing to choose from.

"Thanks to the powerful new Avatar Editor app, virtually every aspect of your avatar can be personalized on-the-fly. Each feature, including skin tone, hair, wearables, and props, can support over 16 million color options. Most closet items also support multiple custom colors, so the number of possible color combinations for a single item can go from trillions all the way up to almost eighty octillion—that’s an eight followed by 28 zeroes!," Microsoft says.

There is still no release date for when the new avatar options and editor will roll out to the public large, though we suspect it will be soon.