Microsoft Commences Project Falcon

Project Falcon is the codename for Microsoft’s latest plan to change the architecture of future Xbox 360s such that they are less prone to overheating problems as their contemporary brethren. After a recent investigation by Microsoft, the company has been plagued with a $1 billion check to extend the warranties of red ring sufferers and other consumers with similar problems. Project Falcon is probably Microsoft’s hope of eliminating the thermal issues once and for all, with a shift from 90nm to 65nm processors. It is also said that the AMD-based graphics solution will be shrunk as well and will be fitted with improved heatsinks. There’s even a little bonus. As costs for the processors are expected to decrease, it may allow Microsoft to slash prices. The newly modified hardware is said to be in testing already, and is supposed to be ready for sale at the beginning of fall.

If you're asking where the name "Project Falcon" came from, we have no clue.