Microsoft CFO Hints At Smaller, Windows 8-Based Product Coming

Big is always better, but small is in. So, what's a company to do? Both! Microsoft has the big-screen tablet market covered, with a litany of Windows RT and Windows 8 slates (not to mention the Surface range). But if Apple and Google have proven one thing, it's that people appreciate choice, and in particular, the choice of smaller tablets. 7" slates have grown hugely popular now that the iPad mini is a reality and devices like the low-cost Nexus 7 exist. Microsoft is clearly missing out on that market. But it may change that soon.

On an earnings call today, Microsoft's outgoing CFO Peter Klein mentioned that Windows 8 was being engineered to run on devices with smaller screens, and that we'd see at least one of those devices "soon." He didn't clarify what segment the device would fall in, so it could theoretically be a tablet, a smartphone, or even a watch. People have been wondering if Windows Phone 8 would eventually morph into Windows, so perhaps that's on the tablet as well.

Either way, it's clear that Windows 8 needs to find more homes if it hopes to gain ground in the mobile universe -- would you take a look at small Win8 slate?