Microsoft Celebrates Pi Day With $31.41 One-Year Xbox Music Subscription

Today (March 14) is a day when nerds, geeks, mathematicians, and pie lovers alike all celebrate Pi Day. This year is particularly special, as the sequence extends to the year as well -- 3.14.15, the first five digits of Pi's infinite range. Pretty cool, right? Microsoft thought so, and to celebrate the occasion, it's offering up a 12-month Xbox Music Pas for $31.41.

"This subscription gives you access to millions of songs to play on your Xbox, the Web, or your Windows Phone, PC and tablet. This offer is good for new subscriptions and renewals of existing subscriptions," Microsoft stated in a blog post.

Xbox Music

That's a pretty swank deal if you're into Xbox Music, as the annual pass usually runs $99. The Pi Day price, which is only good for today, is a third of that and breaks down to about $2.62 per month. That makes it the cheapest paid streaming music service around, besting even Spotify's $4.99 per month student pricing.

Pi Day Gift Cards

If you're not into the streaming music scene or are already happy with an alternative service, there are other ways you can celebrate the day with Microsoft. The Redmond outfit has released a collection of new digital gift cards with the Pi Day theme, and also marked down the new Einstein Brain Trainer HD app by half to $2.99 in the Windows Store and $1.49 in the Windows Phone Store.

You can grab an Xbox Music Pass here, digital gift cards here, and the Einstein Brain Trainer HD app here (Windows Store) or here (Windows Phone Store).