Microsoft Caves and Releases Windows 8.1 to Developers

Given the fact that one of the key components of potential success for Microsoft's Windows 8 app store is developers, you'd think that the company would be giving them as early access to its next major update as possible. Somehow, the company didn't see it that way, and thus severely limited access to the release candidate build of 8.1. After much outcry from the developer community, however, Microsoft has recanted its decision and has begun offering the much-sought-out build on both MSDN and TechNet.

Those with access to either of these services will be able to download both the non-Pro and Pro editions of Windows 8.1, along with Windows Server 2012 R2. For those who have a beefy enough MSDN or TechNet subscription to support it, the Enterprise edition will become available later this month.

For consumers, the final 8.1 release will go down in October, and personally, I can't wait. As someone who didn't originally enjoy Windows 8, that seems a bit odd to say - but that's the product of what can happen when you actually try it out rather than just jump to conclusions (something I'm great at).

As a bit of a side note; those who use Visual Studio and are planning to upgrade to the latest version will be happy to know that the 2013 release candidate has also been released this week - and it's about time, as it's been in beta for a while.