Microsoft Band 2 Update Brings Weight Tracking And Power Enhanced GPS Mode

Microsoft made a splash in the wearables market with its original Band device, and then followed that up with the Band 2, a fancier and more feature rich version of the original. The second iteration is one of the best fitness wearables on the market, and it just got a little bit better courtesy of a new update.

One of the biggest issues with wearables is battery life. It's the nature of the beast when you're dealing with a small and lightweight gadget, so rather than roll with bigger and heavier batteries, manufactures have to get creative. Microsoft's done that with its newest update by enabling a new GPS Power Saver mode.

Microsoft Band 2

According to Microsoft, you can squeeze an additional four hours out of its Band 2 device when enabling GPS Power Saver. How so? Well, rather than continuously tracking your exact location, the Band 2's GPS samples your location in intervals.

"Even with GPS Power Saver turned on, Microsoft Health will still map your route in the mobile app and web dashboard. Get to the finish with your full performance summary and observations, even on those long runs or rides," Microsoft says.

In addition to better battery life, Microsoft issued an update to its Health app that allows users to track their weight by entering it on a regular basis. It's a basic but handy feature for keeping tabs on your progress and perhaps seeing if your new workout routine is paying dividends.