Microsoft Band 2 Fitness Wearable With Curved Display Detailed In Leaked Renders

Microsoft might be gearing up to release a new version of the Microsoft Band, the wearable fitness tracker it launched late last year. Photos of a new version, which has been dubbed “Band 2” by media in lieu of any details from Microsoft, appears to have leaked.

We hope that the photos, which come from by way of Windows Central, are legit, because they reveal a much slicker version of the Band than the original. Where the Microsoft Band has a flat display, the Band 2 appears to have a curved display, making for a true bracelet look.

Microsoft rumored band 2

At this stage of the game, all we have to go on are rumors and these unconfirmed photos. One of the features that is widely expected for the Band 2 is support for monitoring height. If included, the feature would presumably let you track your altitude while running or biking and could possibly monitor your staircase exercises.

The original Band already has GPS and a heart rate monitor, as well as calorie tracking and sleep tracking features. The Band also has a UV monitor so you can get a sense of whether you need to apply sunscreen before your outdoor activity. All of these features would likely be in the Band 2 as well.

Microsoft rumored band 2 a

One of the many questions unanswered is what the Band 2’s price will look like. The Band runs $199, but as we reported recently, steep discounts can put the Band in the more palatable $150 range. Will Microsoft go the route that Apple took with the Apple TV and bump the price way up on the new Band? Or will it start the Band 2 at $150, making for serious competition to the likes of the FitBit Charge HR?

We may not be waiting long to find out. Microsoft has been teasing its “exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices” at an event on Tuesday, October 6th. That seems to be the most likely venue for Microsoft to unveil Band 2 – and hopefully with a more exciting name.